Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Old Geezers on McCullin Road

In our quest to undo some of what the natural aging process has inflicted on us, Tommy and I recently began walking each evening.  We are only up to a two mile walk , but we feel like Olympic athletes.  We quickly surmised that walking on Highway 151 might permanently end the aging process, so we drive the quarter mile to Salem Church and park in their parking lot.  We walk up the much more docile McCullin Road one mile in and one mile back.  In just the few days that we have been doing this, we have seen some interesting things.  I’m sure the cars that have encountered us have shared an equal sense of wonderment, or possibly just bewilderment. 

I have noticed how beautiful the creek that runs along the edge of the road is.  The sound of the rushing water as it tumbles over the small ledges and rocks, is soothing and peaceful.  The way the light filters through the woods is a testament to the ultimate beauty of nature and the power of God.  We shared our first walk with a couple of good natured hound dogs.  Their final destination was one house up the road from ours.  I can only assume they have also decided to work in an evening stroll.  Yesterday it sounded like a train was headed right for us.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky so I ruled out a tornado.  There are no train tracks anywhere near us.  It remained a mystery for about three minutes until a caravan of about 15 four wheelers passed us right on the edge of the woods.

A few cars and trucks and motorcycles occasionally pass us.  One man stopped and asked if our car broke down, but mostly the drivers just stare us like we are crazy.  The younger drivers are the funniest.  They hang their very tattooed arms out the window and watch us behind their very cool shades.  It is almost like they are looking at something they have never seen before.  Here are a couple of tips if you are one of those young drivers who happen to encounter us on our evening walk.

First, we are from earth.  That halo thing you see over our head is not devine.  It is just the glow of the evening light reflecting off our graying hair.  Those long white columns rising out of my shoes are just legs.  Yes, it is possible for human skin to be this ghastly shade of white.  Give me a little time.  I’m working on that one.  I know it confuses you when you see two people our age holding hands.  The only explanation I have is that my husband and I love each other.   More than that, we are still “in love” with each other.  I remember when I was your age and saw 50ish people walking hand in hand.  I thought to myself back then “Look at those old geezers”.  What goes around comes around.  Now I’m that old geezer just taking a walk, up hill and down, on McCullin Road.    

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